The House Of Freudstein does SCALARAMA… The Prologue


Welcome to Scalarama month here at The House Of Freudstein. Everybody (old enough) has their own fondest memories of The Scala. Mine include taking the train down from Liverpool because they were playing Dario Argento’s Four Flies On Grey Velvet (or some other incredible rarity, as 4FOGV then was) at 4 o’clock in the morning during the course of an allnight horrorthon (and yes, Ms Giles, I was one of those young guys clutching a bunch of Forbidden Planet carrier bags) then boarding the red eye back to Lime Street, totally knackered… taking the reels of Mariano Baino’s Caruncula over there on the tube for its screening (as support to Demons, I seem to recall), where my ugly mug briefly (during my cameo as “Cinema Undesirable”) joined the pantheon of legends that had graced the Scala screen … special events like the launch of Maitland McDonagh’s Argento book, where I met and interviewed The Great Man… and of course the Splatterfest in 1990 where I met and interviewed a whole bunch of other horror luminaries, while squiring the current Mrs Freudstein on what was effectively our first date… “The memory of all that? No no, they can’t take that away from me!”

Although I announced earlier on antisocial media that all of this month’s postings will be directly Scala related, there’s just too much good stuff coming my way at the moment to adhere too strictly to that self-imposed restriction. Rest assured, nothing we do cover would look out of place playing that late, lamented pleasure palce in King’s Cross. The spirit of The Scala lives on.

Scalarama forever!


… and goddam the fools and bloody philistines who are pulling down The Futurist!

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