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It’s all very well (has been rather jolly, in fact) watching Scala-type screen filler on DVD/BD and posting Scala-related reviews, features and interviews online but it has its limitations. Imagine my disappointment, for example, on playing the outboard motor scene from Doctor Butcher to Mrs F who, instead of whooping enthusiastically and commenting on the […]

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Neuro Surgeons Scream For More… Severin’s Brain Boggling DOCTOR BUTCHER M.D. / ZOMBI HOLOCAUST BD Reviewed

BD. Region Free. Severin. Unrated. 198o’s Zombi Holocaust by “Frank Martin” (Marino Girolami) apparently started life as Queen Of The Cannibals, which immediately begs two burning questions: 1) Where does the zombie sub-genre shade off into the cannibal canon? and 2) Could anyone in their right mind actually give a toss? Of course several characters […]

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The Art Of Falling Apart… FREE FIRE Reviewed

FREE FIRE (2016) Directed by Ben Wheatley. Produced by Andrew Starke, et al. Written & Edited by Amy Jump & Ben Wheatley. Cinematography by Laurie Rose. Music by Geoff Barrow, Ben Salisbury. Starring: Enzo Cilenti, Sam Riley, Michael Smiley, Brie Larson, Cillan Murphy, Armie Hammer, Sharito Copley, Babou Ceesay, Noah Taylor, Jack Reynor, Mark Monero, […]

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Slashing Budgets Was His Pleasure… House Of Freudstein Is Proud To Present The FABRIZIO DE ANGELIS Interview

(This interview was conducted at David Warbeck’s Hampstead pile, The Convent, in 1996.) How do you remember that remarkable director, Lucio Fulci? I used him as director for four or five pictures by my production company, Fulvia. I went around the world with Lucio, a fantastic man and a fantastic director. He has become an […]

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Stork And Slash… The Shameless BD Of Michele Soavi’s THE SECT Reviewed

The Sect. BD. Region B. Shameless. 18. Shameless’s UK disc debut of Michele Soavi’s 1991 effort The Sect (in both DVD and BD formats) follows hot on the hooves of the similar service they recently rendered to Soavi’s The Church (1989.) In my review of that one, elsewhere on this site, I recanted my long-held […]

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Happy Birthday, Sweet Freudstein (With Big Thanks To Irene…)… THE 1st HOUSE OF FREUDSTEIN ANNUAL REPORT

It’s turned into the purtiest Blog you’ve ever seen… and just a year old, today! In the latter part of 2015 I was already doing a music blog, the now defunct Boot Room Of Ozymandias. Only available to a small circle of fellow Prog Rock enthusiasts, it was, frankly, a bit crap. It did, however, […]

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Sex Dwarf, Isn’t It Nice? BURIAL GROUND Reviewed

BD. Regions A/B/C. Severin. Unrated. Not content with their blockbusting Doctor Butcher / Zombi Holocaust double disc set, Severin immediately plunge back even further into the delirious depths of zucchini zombie territory with this notorious 1980 offering from cut-price sleaze specialist Andrea Bianchi. “Is Burial Ground as bad as it’s cracked up to be?” David […]

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Independents’ Daze… The ROY FRUMKES Interview

September is Scalarama Month here at The House Of Freudstein… and all over the world! Throughout the month we’ll be sharing treasures and treasured memories from that fabled King’s Cross pleasure palace. The following interview with Roy Frumkes was conducted at the star-studded Splatter Fest that unfolded there over the 24th-25th Feb, 1990. This also […]

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Brain Salad Surgery… DEATH WARMED UP, Reviewed.

BD. Severin. Region Free. Unrated. “We’ve got an emergency here… a break out of psycho patients!” Mad scientists…. a crazy bunch of bastards! Am I right or am I right? From Frankenstein to Moreau, Butcher to Dolittle, they’ve actually done very little to improve the human condition (which is generally their professed intention), more often […]

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Dreams Of Discontent … THE BLOOD SPATTERED BRIDE Reviewed

DVD. Region Free. Blue Underground. Unrated. Note: The disc under review here was issued as a bonus on Blue Underground’s 2-disc set of Harry Kümel’s Daughter Of Darkness, which has subsequently been upgraded, in its entirety, to Blu-Ray. Asking a man how down he is with the aims of Feminism is a bit like asking […]

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