Mission Statement

Seal of Consumer Awareness.

Ladies and Gentlemen, if you are easily frightened, we advise you not to read this Blog… if on the other hand, you enjoy the violent emotions… if you’re the kind of person who lies in bed, afraid that you might hear ping pong balls bouncing in the night… if a duck has ever snapped in your brain… if your response to flesh eating Etruscan zombies invading your chateau during a sex party is to let them in, because they move really slowly… if you regularly drink J&B whisky until you’re seeing double… this Blog is for you!

And now, the serious stuff…

The House Of Freudstein covers Horror and associated genres in a manner that is appropriate for a mature audience, i.e. 18 years and over.

All illustrative material contained herein remains the copyright of the original owner and is used here in the spirit of publicity and promotion. If anyone feels that by using any of the material on this site we have inadvertently infringed their copyright, please contact us with details and said material will be taken down immediately.

The House Of Freudstein is not responsible for the contents of any sites to which we might link. Any such link does not indicate a blanket endorsement of the views and activities of any other site. All opinions expressed in The House Of Freudstein are those of the individual writer and should not necessarily be taken as being those of the publishers. All written contents are copyrighted by the publishers and individual contributors and may not be reproduced in whole or part without prior permission.

A word about the vexed question of SPOILERS… inevitably, they will pop up on this Blog from time to time and I don’t have the time or inclination to flag them all up ostentatiously. So proceed with caution at all times in The House Of Freudstein.

For maximum viewing benefit, this Blog is best accessed on a BIG SCREEN!

One final thing. I thought I warned you, Bob… not to go inside!


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